Digital Stereotaxic Frame

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Battery powered, low noise for electrically quiet operation

  • Large LCD display from sealed sensors on each axis
  • Adaptors available for use with rats, mice, birds, cats, guinea pigs and other species
  • 80 mm of travel in three planes
  • 180° rotation and lock at any vertical angle
  • 360° rotation and lock at any level angle
  • Syringe pump and drill can be attached directly
  • Stable and accurate movement
  • Targets specific coordinates by zeroing
  • 10 µm precision in all directions
  • Extended base plate 400 mm X 255 mm suitable for various animals
  • Vertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate position at any angle


502300 Digital Stereotaxic Frame with 18° Ear Bars
502350 Digital Stereotaxic Frame with 45° Ear Bars
502303 Dual Manipulator Digital Stereotaxic Frame with 18° Ear Bars
502353 Dual Manipulator Digital Stereotaxic Frame with 45° Ear Bars


  • Quiet, battery-powered operation
  • Battery-powered sensors, without electronic noise, are suitable for electrophysiology experiment


  • Stereotaxic surgery for small animal research
  • Electrophysiology applications

This new Digital Stereotaxic Frame features sealed electronic sensors and an easy-to-read LCD display with 10 µm resolution in all three axes. A zeroing function aids in targeting specific coordinates.
The battery-powered display is electronically quiet, making it useful in electrophysiology experiments as well as keeping the workbench tidy.

  • The precisely designed rotary knob and U frame allow sufficient space for the anterior-posterior operation
  • Laser engraved scales and a darkened rod for easy to read scales
  • Curved design of nose clamp fixes the head of the animals more securely
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