Euthanex Lids

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  • Lids fit standard EZ-System cages
  • No need to transfer subjects to euthanasia cage

The Euthanex Lid system has become an industry standard. Simply by removing the water bottle from the wire bar cage cover and placing the Euthanex Lid over the host cage, you are ready to perform euthanasia. You no longer need to transfer animals. The lids are available in five sizes to accommodate virtually all plastic cage sizes designed for small lab animals. These heavy duty stainless steel lids have a stem fitting for connection to the quick-disconnect fitting on the regulator hose from the regulator. A foam lid gasket ensures a good seal on the cage. Multiple lids may be used to treat several cages at once.


Order code Lid Size Usage
EZ-20034 23" x 16.5" Guinea pig cages
EZ-20032  20.5" x 11"  Rat cages 
EZ-20030 13" x 13"  Thorn cages 
EZ-20028 16" x 10"  New style mouse cages
EZ-20027 13" x 9" Old style mouse cages
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