Smallest Fiber Optic Dipping Probe

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Perfect for UV/VIS spectroscopy

  • Compact and efficient dipping probe
  • Tip diameter 1.5 mm


Part # Path Length  Click image to enlarge
DIP-UV-MINI-2 2mm Miniature DipTip dipping probe 2 mm pathlength
DIP-UV-MINI-5 5mm Miniature DipTip dipping probe 5 mm pathlength
DIP-UV-MINI-10 10mm Miniature DipTip dipping probe 10 mm pathlength

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  • Connects with most standard spectrometers using a 600 µm connection
  • Perfect for mobile applications


  • Protein and DNA sample measurements
  • Dissolution system

Mini DipTip™ is a miniature transmission probe for microliter spectroscopic sampling. Mini DipTip’s tip diameter is only 1.5 mm—the size of a 17-gauge needle. It will fit into all micro centrifuge tubes on the market. Microliter samples can be analyzed cost effectively when you combine the Mini DipTip™ with one of the following:

  • TIDAS E Base with FO-6000 or D4H
  • LEDSpec
  • TIDAS S300 series
  • Compatible with most fiber coupled spectrometers
  • Ideal for multi channel applications with LEDSpec 

DipTip Mini Instruction Manual

DNA samples (with a sample volume of 50µL inside mini centrifuge PCR vials) were measured in PBS with concentrations between 0 and 43µg/mL using a Tidas 100 spectrophotometer.



Tip Diameter 1.5mm
Light Pathlength 2, 5, 10mm
Wavelength Range (nm) 200-1000
Sample Volume Required 20-50µL
Distance From Tip to Upper Edge of Sample Window 7mm
Fiber Length 1.0m
Fiber Optic Connection SMA 905
Launch Fiber Bundle (7 x 200µm) NA = 0.22    Ø=680µm*
Return Fiber Bundle (7 x 200µm) NA = 0.22    Ø=680µm*

*Circular packaging of the fiber bundle results in an active area equivalent to a fiber with a core diameter of 680µm. Using a 600µm connection is recommended and will result in negligible light loss.


Connect the fiber optic connectors to the spectrometer and the light source. Hold the Mini DipTip by the handle. Do not bend the tip.

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