Bifurcated Fiber Optic Assemblies

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Bifurcated Fiber Optic Assemblies

  • Combines or splits light into two fibers
  • Fibers with different diameters allow different power ratios


Part # Fiber Optic
BIF22 Split or combine similar intensities (200/200)
BIF44 Split or combine similar intensities (400/400)
BIF62 Combine UV (600) + VIS (200)
BIF66 Split or Combine Similar Intensities (600/600)



  • Various bifurcated fibers for customized applications


  • Reference measurement in dual channel spectrometers
  • Combine UV and VIS light sources
  • Couple light into two sample cells


Length 1 meter
Connectors SMA
Wavelength ranges 200-1100 nm
Cable Type UV-enhanced
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