Infection Control Products

Infection Control Products

WPI offers a broad category of infection control products to help you maintain a safe and compliant work area. Infection control products are designed to reduce the risk of disease contanimation from one person to another.

  • In our personal protective equipment line we offer a robust reusable face masks with disposable filters.
  • WPI also carries many sterilization cassettes, sterilization baskets and steriliazation trays which are perfect for sorting, sterilzing and storing surgical instruments and other small components.
  • As far as sterilizing surgical instruments and other PPE, you can see everything from autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners to ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers.

When the threats of contaminents are a concern, take a look at the infection control products offered here.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment
    Face masks are an essential element of personal protection equipment (PPE), and WPI offers both reusable face masks (with disposable filters) and disposable face masks, both for industrial settings and routine usage. Our reusable masks are high quality masks tested to rigorous standards (filtration efficiency above 98.2%), but they are not certified for use in a medical environment. For best results in non-medical environments, change your disposable mask at least twice a day. With WPI's reusable mask, you can use the mask for up to 10 days, depending on your environment, before you need to change the filter. In addition to the face masks, WPI carries some other personal protective equipment, like goggles. Disinfectants, sterilization equipment and personal sterilizers are also valuable to consider when discussing PPE. WPI has a range of disinfectant products and sterilization equipment.
  2. Sterilzation Baskets And Trays
    WPI’s wire baskets are great for storing and for sterilizing surgical instruments. Our sterilizing trays help reduce damage from everyday use.
  3. Sterilizers & Cleaners
    Whether you are cleaning, disinfecting or sterilizing your surgical instruments, we have the products you need. Here you will find a variety of products to care for your surgical instruments and equipment. More Information on Surgical Instruments For information on cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing your surgical instruments, take a look at these videos.  
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