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Please note that eSDS provides the same information in the European REACH format. If an eSDS is available for a chemical below, a link labeled eSDS will appear after the SDS link.

Obsolete products safety data sheets.

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1571 - DOW 732 Sealant RTV
3531 - Alumina Abrasive
4886 - 3M Scotch Weld Part A/B
4898 - Silver Epoxy Part A and B
6820 - DOW Prime Coat
7128 - DOW 3140 RTV
7325 - ISO-NO Filling Solution
7326 - ISO-2 Filling Solution
7335 - PartA
7335 - PartB

7341 - General Purpose Adhesive
7342 - General Purpose Adhesive
7357 - Nitrite Standard 
7363 - Enzol
7364 - Cidex plus
13316 - 723 Hot Melt Glue
13740 - Alconox
14342  - Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
15807 - Cleaning Solution
95611 - ISO-COP-2 Filling Solution
100042 - ISO-HPO-2 Filling Solution 
100084 - ISO-H2S-2 Filling Solution

100061A - Silicone Elastomer A
100061B - Silicone Elastomer B 
100101 - Coupling Agent
100102 - Silicone Platinum Catalyst

501609 - Waveguide Cleaning Kit
503763 - GLUture Tissue Adhesive (Octyl/Butyl cyanoacrylate blend)
504215 - Barrier Milk Instrument Protector, Lubricant
504282 - Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, 3g
504283 - Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, 20g
504611 - Rapicide OPA 28
1V Series Capillary Glass - N51A 1V Series
WP-34521 - Endozime Enzymatic Detergent
WP34572 - Surgistain Rust and Stain Remover 


Alconox, WPI #13740     


Barrier Milk Instrument Protector, Lubrican, WPI #504215     


Calcium Buffers Kit #1, WPI #CALBUF-1
Calcium Buffers Kit #2, WPI #CALBUF-2
Capillary Glass, 1V Series
Cidex plus, WPI #7364
Cleaning Solution, WPI #15807
Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, 3g, WPI #504282 


Endozime Enzymatic Detergent, WPI #WP-3452
Enzol, WPI #7363


GEL100 - Signagel Gel100 GSNO S-Nitrosoglutathione, WPI #GSNO-100 GLUture Tissue Adhesive, WPI #503763  


ISO-COP-2 Filling Solution, WPI #95611
ISO-H2S-2 Filling Solution, WPI #100084
ISO-HPO-2 Filling Solution, WPI #100042  
ISO-NO Filling Solution, WPI #7325
ISO-2 Filling Solution, WPI #7326  


KWIK-CAST KWIK-SIL - Kwik-Sil Part A ♦ eSDS  KWIK-SIL - Kwik-Sil Part B ♦ eSDS  


LUMINOL Liquid Ion Exchanger, WPI #IE-010 
Liquid Ion Exchanger, WPI #IE-190
Liquid Ion Exchanger, WPI #IE-200


RTV Sealant, WPI #1571 RTV, WPI #7128  


SNAP - SNAP 100 
Surgistain Rust and Stain Remover, WPI #WP34572
Super Luminol Enhancer

SylGard 184 Curing Agent, WPI #SYLG184
SylGard 184 Base, WPI #SYLG184


Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution, WPI #14342     


Vetbond 3M, WPI #VETBOND    


Waveguide Cleaning Kit Solution 1, WPI #501609

Waveguide Cleaning Kit Solution 2, WPI #501609  

Waveguide Cleaning Kit Solution 3, WPI #501609

The instruction manuals for many of our products are listed on this page, including manuals for old and discontinued WPI products. These manuals detail how to use and care for WPI products, as well as setup and assembly instruction. If you have questions that are not answered in our instruction manuals, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (866) 606-1974 (Toll free in the USA).

Obsolete Product Safety Data Sheets

3x Buffer
Copper (II) Sulfate Pentahydrate 
Hydrogen Peroxide Standard 
Potassium Super Oxide Powder (Sigma-KO2) 
Sodium Nitrate
Sodium Hydroxide
Sulfuric Acid
Zinc Sulfate Heptahydrate

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