Microinjection Tool Box

WPI has been in the microinjection business since the very beginning. We were first on the market with pressure injection equipment, and we've been engineering and delivering state-of-the-art instruments ever since. In fact, we were manufacturing nanoliter fluid injectors in the '70s. That's 40 years of microinjection! With a proven history of innovation, we keep up with the latest trends in microinjection.

Whether you are looking for the precision pump required for oocyte injections or multi-channel, automated controls, WPI has a tool box full of pumps, as well as all the supplies you need for your applications. If your research involves microinjection, you will want to take a look.

Popular Microinjection Products




PV820 Pneumatic PicoPump with Hold Pressure
PV830 Pneumatic PicoPump with Hold Pressure and Vacuum
UMPIII UltraMicroPump
  New Microscope with lighted base and articulating mirror
PZMIII Precision Stereo Zoom Microscope




PUL-1000 Microprocessor-controlled 4-Step micropipette puller
Nanofil Microliter syringes
MicroFil for backfilling glass needles
Glass capillaries
MicroTip pre-pulled pipettes
  M3301 Manual Micromanipulator
KITE Manual Micromanipulator
MMJ Joystick-Controlled Micromanipulator
DC3001 Motorized Micromanipulator
SN-PCZ-50 Miniature Piezo Micromanipulator with controller




Z-LITE-186 Fiber optic illuminator with (500186) Bifurcated Light Guides
LED-Lite Plus
LED-Lite Modular LED Light Source with Exchangeable LEDS
504134 LED Ring light
  801566/801963 Vacuum Pump for use with the PV830
FluoroDish Optical glass bottom dishes
M10 or M-3 Manipulator base
Z-MOLDS Microinjection and Translplantation Molds
Many surgical instruments



The range of applications for our microinjection pumps is virtually unlimited, but some of the popular uses include:

  • Zebrafish injection
  • Oocyte injection
  • Cortical injection
  • Retinal injection

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