TheraCyte Implantable Cell Device

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General Purpose Cell Encapsulation Device

  • Protects cells in the device from autoimmune destruction
  • Inhibits cell-to-cell contact and associated cell signals
  • High membrane permeability to oxygen, nutrients and secreted proteins 


Part # Description Size Sterile
505395 TheraCyte Implantable Cell Device 4.5 μL Yes
505396 TheraCyte Implantable Cell Device 20 μL Yes
505397 TheraCyte Implantable Cell Device 40 μL Yes
505398 TheraCyte Implantable Cell Device, 4 ports 40 μL Yes


  • No immune suppression needed to keep the transplanted cells safe
  • Allows for the easy implantation of all cells in one procedure
  • Drug/protein evaluations can be terminated by device removal
  • The ability to execute a complete cell removal, by extracting the device, provides a significant safety benefit
  • Allows cells to be nourished through the normal host blood supply


  • Diabetes
  • Gene Therapy
  • Therapeutic Protein Delivery
  • Protein Discovery
  • Immunological Research
  • Antibody Delivery
  • Cell Transplantation
  • Cell Differentiation
  • Cytokine Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Immunotherapy
  • Cancer Therapy
  • In Vivo Diagnostics
  • Continuous Protein Delivery

The TheraCyte device delivers high molecular proteins of at least 900,000 Daltons, and it can be used for any same species cells research, without immune suppression or xenographs with immune suppression. It is perfect for the delivery of proteins that are unstable and difficult to manufacture or purify. TheraCyte devices offer continuous protein delivery.

20 Years of published, peer-reviewed research

TheraCyte is the only branded general purpose cell encapsulation device available worldwide to all researchers. It is the gold standard cell encapsulation device with 20 years of published peer reviewed research. With proven technique and process to support the development of new cell lines and protein research, TheraCyte has developed an international reputation as a high quality brand.

TheraCyte cell encapsulation devices enable the development of cell-based therapeutic products for treating chronic and recurrent diseases including diabetes, infection control, protein deficiencies and immunological disorders. 

The TheraCyte™ system for encapsulating and transplanting cells is a thin membrane-based polymeric chamber. It is fabricated from biocompatible membranes which protect allogeneic cells from rejection by the recipient and, when implanted subcutaneously, induce the development of blood capillaries close to the membranes. This vascularization feature provides a rich blood supply to nourish the tissues within the membranes, aids in the communication of implanted cells with the host and assures rapid uptake of therapeutic molecules.

Theracyte Theracyte 




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