WPI Swiss Tweezers

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  • 13 cm (5.1") Long
  • Anti-magnetic body
  • For more information see  details and specification


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504517 Carbon Fiber-Tipped Forceps
504527 Replacement Carbon Fiber Tips


General notes Plastic Type CF

  • PA66/CF30 polyamide 66 reinforced with 30 wt% carbon fibre
  • heat stabilized
  • very high rigidity, excellent tensile and flexural strength, fatigue and creep resistance
  • low friction, self lubricating properties, excellent wear and abrasion resistance
  • good heat capability
  • good chemical resistance (oils, grease, fuels, non polar solvents); not resistant to strong acids, alkalis and hot water or steam
  • ESD safe material, (avoid powder attraction, sparks generation, ignition sources).
  • very low coefficient of linear thermal expansion
  • typical applications include handling of sensitive components and devices (electronic components, micro-mechanical parts, glass and ceramic substrates, capillary, etc.)

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