Pressure Manometer

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For measuring hydrostatic pressures

  • Measure vacuum and pressure in gases
  • Ranges available: ±1 PSI, ±15 PSI, ±100 PSI
  • Measure in PSI or kPa on the 100 PSI unit or PSI and mmHg on the 15PSI unit
  • Battery powered
  • Includes tubing and mini-phone to BNC cable


Order code Description
SYS-PM01D Pressure Manometer (1 psi)
SYS-PM01R Pressure Manometer (1 psi), Rechargeable*
SYS-PM015D Pressure Manometer (15 psi)
SYS-PM015R Pressure Manometer (15 psi), Rechargeable*
SYS-PM100D Pressure Manometer (100 psi)
SYS-PM100R Pressure Manometer (100 psi), Rechargeable*

 * Rechargeable versions come with nickel/cadmium battery and charger



  • Easy and accurate measurements


  • Measure pressure of non-corrosive gases

Hand-held and battery operated, PM Series pressure manometers monitor vac­u­um and pressure in non-corrosive gases. An integral transducer and dig­i­tal display allow easy and accurate pressure readings. Three ver­sions measure pressures in the range of ±1 PSI, ±15 PSI or ±100 PSI. A range switch allows measurement in units of PSI or kPa for the 100 PSI version, and PSI or mmHg for the 15 psi version. Pres­sure can be read on the built-in LCD display or relayed to a chart recorder, os­cil­lo­scope, or computer.

PM Series pressure manometers come with 4 feet of 1⁄8-inch ID soft vinyl tub­ing. A mini-phone-to-BNC cable for the recorder output is also available (CBL102). Standard versions are equipped with a nine-volt alkaline battery.

   PM01  PM015  PM100
PRESSURE RANGE ±1 psi (±52 mm Hg) ±15 psi (±775 mm Hg)  ±100 psi (±690 kPa)
MAX. PRESSURE 20 psi (1035 mm Hg)  30 psi (1550 mm Hg) 150 psi (1035 kPa)
RESOLUTION 0.001 psi (0.1 mm Hg)  0.01 psi (1 mm Hg) 0.1 psi (1 kPa)
OUTPUT 1 V/psi  100 mV/psi 10 mV/psi
OUTPUT RANGE ±1.0 V  ±1.5 V ±1.0 V
LINEARITY 0.5% full-scale  
TEMPERATURE EFFECT 1.0% full-scale (0-70°C)  
ZERO Screwdriver-adjust  
POWER Nine-volt battery  
BATTERY LIFE Alkaline, 200 hours; rechargeable, 25 hours  
RECORDER OUTPUT Mini-phone jack, 0.141 inch (3.5 mm)  
PNEUMATIC CONNECTORS Barbed, for 1/8-inch or 3/16-inch ID soft tubing  
DIMENSIONS 3 x 6 x 1 inches (8 x 15 x 4 cm)  
SHIPPING WEIGHT 3 lb. (1.4 kg)  
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