TPP Electrode Tips, Replacement

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  • Replacement tips for KWIK-TIP Ion Selective Electrodes

Replacement Tips

Set of 3 TPP+ replacement tips for ion selective electrodes. Change the tip on your holder in less than a minute.


The tips should be stored dry under refrigeration prior to use. Once filled, the membrane tip can last up to 30 days and be used for that length of time. The tip is fragile and the “membrane” gets softer when wetted. After use, the tips can be placed into storage. Before storage, wash the exterior and carefully blot it dry. Leave the filling solution inside the electrode and seal it with parafilm. Then, place it in a dry container and store it in the refrigerator.

The KWIK Ag/AgCl pellet should be washed in distilled water, dried and stored in a dry, dark location. If desired, you may change to a new ionic solution, however, it takes time for the old ionic solution to exchange out of the KWIK pellet and be replaced with the new ionic concentration.This should be done in a small beaker and the contaminated solution should be discarded.  The new tip and electrode should be filled with fresh solution.

Color Code
Filling Solution
Nim. Slope/Decade
Concentration Range
Selectivity Coeffiecients (-log)
Calcium Green 0.1M CaCl2 28mV 0.1 - 10-6.75M Na+ 5.5, K5.4, Mg++ 4.9
Hydrogen Orange 1M Citric acid, 0.01M NaCl, pH 5.6 54mV pH 5.0-12 Na+ 10.4, K9.8, Ca++ 11.1
Potassium Yellow 0.1M KCl 54mV 0.1 - 10-4.5M Na+ 4.0, Ca++ 3.9, Mg++3.0
TPP+ Purple 10mM TPP+ 54mV 0.001 - 10-4M K6.0
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