Battery Operated Impedance Measurement

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Measure mV and MΩ impedance of metal or glass microelectrodes

  • Battery operated


  • Determine impedance of electrode during micropipette beveling process for pipette reproducibility


  • Measure impedance of metal or glass capillary microelectrodes

Omega-Tip-Z™ was created especially for measuring impedance in etched tung­sten, platinum-iridium* and steel microelectrodes, as well as electrolyte-filled micropipettes. The meter’s AC impedance-measuring circuit is unaffected by electrode offset or tip junction potentials. The gold-plated miniature probe lets you conveniently monitor micro-electrode impedance in electrolytes, and an electrode tip cleaning feature lets you remove buildup quickly. Omega-Tip-Z can also measure DC electrode tip potentials up to 2000 millivolts. The instrument operates for hundreds of hours without battery failure.

*Shop Metal Microelectrodes.

NOTE: Metal microelectrodes which have been precalkibrated at 1 kHz should be baselined for use with Omega-Tip-Z.

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