Nerve Cuff Electrodes

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  • For acute/chronic experiments
  • 1-24 electrode sites
  • Broad range of available inner diameters, from 5mm down to as small as 56µm
  • Platinum, Stainless Steel and Platinum/Iridium metal electrodes
  • Customizable electrode arrangements, including concentric and tri-bipolar
  • Adaptable to interface with the acquisition system of your choice
  • Suitable for rodent, feline, bird and primate research
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See the current NCE data sheet.

Nerve cuff electrodes are designed for reliable recording and/or stimulation of any peripheral nerve. They can be used acutely or for chronic implantation, with a wide selection of inner diameters available to be selected based on the nerve diameter. The nerve cuffs are designed to provide flexibility in electrode contact location for recording and stimulation protocols.


How to configure your nerve cuff electrodeMany custom combinations of inner diameters and contact arrangements are available for standard, micro and nano nerve cuffs.


1  Optional Sutures

2  1 to 24 Contacts ( Platinum, Platinum/Iridium or Stainless Steel)

3  Custom length

4  Custom Diameter

5  Stranded Stainless Steel Leads

Standard Nerve Cuff

Many custom combinations of inner diameters and contact arrangements are available.

Tri-bipolar Nerve Cuff

Complex tripolar recording/stimulating sets are available.

The tripolar nerve cuff has 3 sets of recording/stimulating electrodes.

Concentric Nerve Cuff

Concentric electrodes have multiple contacts around a single point of the nerve, allowing recording or stimulation at different locations around the same point.

Concentric electrodes have multiple contacts around a single point of the nerve, allowing recording or stimulation at different locations around the same point.

X-Wide Contact Nerve Cuffs

  • x-wide contacts on these nerve cuff electrodesExtra large platinum ribbon contacts maximize electrode surface area while maintaining the reliability and customizability
  • Ideal for any electrical stimulation studies, especially those using KHz stimulation to block activity of peripheral nerves
  • Lower thresholds and increased safety margins provide you with new freedom to develop even more effective stimulation paradigms
  • The same reliability enhancement features as our standard cuffs, including reinforced bonds and specially-designed helical leads, providing best-in-industry implanted longevity
  • Fully-customizable specifications, including contact spacing, cuff length and lead features, with a wide range of available inner diameters from over 6 mm down to 300 µm.
  • Configurable for both acute and chronic use
  • Connector options for any available stimulation or recording system

The key utility for these cuffs is provided by the very large contact surface area, which is ideal for studies requiring high current levels and when using kilohertz electrical stimulation to achieve block of activity in peripheral nerves. The reduced impedances ensure that the output of stimulation sources is not attenuated, that there is no destructive charge build-up, and that true block of nerve activity is achieved.


Nerve cuffs are made entirely of autoclavable materials — silicone rubber, Teflon and stainless steel. They can be steam autoclaved without special precautions. If gas sterilization (EtO) is preferred, be sure to pack nerve cuffs in a gas-permeable bag and allow adequate outgassing time (at least 48 hours) to be sure all toxic gases have been desorbed from the silicone rubber. 

Available Options


Metal Type

Inner Diameter


125μm stranded Stainless Steel

1.0 – 5.0mm

100μm Platinum

1.0 – 2.0mm

250μm Platinum*

2.0 – 5.0mm

Micro Cuff

100μm Platinum

0.5 – 0.75mm

50μm Platinum/Iridium


Nano Cuff

25µm Platinum/Iridium

160 - 250µm

12.5µm Platinum/Iridium

56 - 140µm

* Recommended for stimulation


Design forms

Contact [email protected] or (866) 606-1974 for pricing and availability. When ordering, you will need to specify the details requested in the form and the quantity required.


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