Nanoliter Injector with Standard Controller

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For oocyte injection and applications where glass pipettes are preferred

  • Microprocessor-controlled nano injector
  • Direct piston displacement in capillary glass
  • Discrete aliquot injections in 16 increments between 2.3 and 69 nL
  • Standard controller
  • Optional foot switch available



  • No syringes require


  • Oocyte injections
  • Neo-cortex injections

The Nanoliter 2010 system is perfect for oocyte injection and applications which use pulled micropipettes for injections in the nanoliter range. It offers fast, accurate  injections in 16 preset aliquots. All injection material is contained within a glass pipette, which is typically backfilled with oil. 

The following parts are included with the Nanoliter 2010 microinjection pump:

  • 500778 Nanoliter Injector Universal Adapter
  • (2) vials 3.5˝ capillaries (100)
  • Replacement “O” rings
  • (1) Allen wrench
  • (1) MicroFilTM MF34G backfilling needle
  • (2) sample µTip™ pre-pulled mi­cropi­pettes
  • 503043 Universal Power Supply (12V DC), 5.5x2.1mm
  • Standard controller

See the current Data Sheet.

MICRO2T SMARTouch Instruction Manual

Nanoliter2010 Instruction Manual

Nanoliter2010 Quick Start Guide

NL2010MC2T Quick Start Guide 

FAQ for Nanoliter 2010 Injector Leaks


My Nanoliter2010 has liquid leaking out or I can see bubbles forming inside the pipette. What can cause this and what action can I take to correct the problem?



1) Easy to fix, as it is probably the seal rings. Check to make sure the seal rings are assembled in the correct sequence.

2) The plunger seal has a conical shaped hole in the center. The seal should be  installed with the larger end of the hole pushed onto the plunger first. This means the smaller end of the hole is facing toward the tip of the plunger. This is shown graphically in the lower diagram below. Pay special attention to the notes in red.  If the plunger seal slides off easily by gravity when the Nanoliter Injector is held vertically pointing downward, the seal hole is too large and it will leak. Replace the seal.

The plunger seal should not slide off the plunger shaft under gravity when  tested by holding the nanoliter injector vertically with the tip pointing downward (with no other seals installed). There should be some friction when pushing the plunger seal onto the plunger and it should grip the plunger slightly. It should not be loose.

3) The orientation of the plastic spacer and large glass seal (reddish color with large hole for capillary glass) must be oriented correctly as shown. The shank end of the capillary must be correctly seated into the recess in the plastic spacer.

4) The seals should and capillary glass should be clean. If the seals are oily, they are more likely to leak. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the seals, and if necessary immerse them in it to get the oil out of the hole.

5) Tighten the cap securely.


INJECTION VOLUME Variable in discreet aliquot volumes
GLASS OD 1.14 mm
GLASS ID 0.5 mm
STEP 12.7 µm/step
FILL SPEED: Slow 23 nL/sec
FILL SPEED: Fast 46 nL/sec
SHIPPING WEIGHT 3 lb. (1.1 kg)

503043 Universal Power Supply (12V DC), 5.5x2.1mm

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The video below gives an overview of the Nanoliter 2010 microinjection pump. 

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