FrameWorks Starter Kit

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Kit includes the following:

(1) 14073-4 - Open-sided Frame Clamp (pkg of 4)
(1) 502190 - Heavy rectangular Base with M8 thread mount and thumbscrew mount), 23 x15.6cm, 4 lb.
(1) 502193-4 - Parallel Frame Clamp (pkg of 4)
(1) 503042 - Medium clamp with rod (157mm), opens to 85mm
(1) 503071 - Polished Stainless Steel Post, 12mm OD, 50cm long, no thread
(1) 503075 - Polished Stainless Steel Post, 12mm OD, 60cm long, M8 thread
(1) 503086 - Small clamp with rod(157mm), opens up to 16mm

These high quality bases are made of stainless steel and polymer that resists organic solvents and corrosion. They can be easily assembled to make a stand-alone setup for student laboratory equipment or to make a complicated frame for research labs. Use these components to custom build your own stands for laboratory glassware, manipulator stands or any other laboratory application you can envision.

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