Stereotaxic Frame, Rail-Mounted Single Manipulator for Rat, 18 deg Ear Bars

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  • Base plate size - 400mm x 255mm.
  • Distance between ear bar and base plate - 55.5mm.
  • Ear bar slots with vernier of 0.1mm resolution .
  • Scale on ear bars - 35mm with 1mm resolution.
  • Rail length - 255mm.
  • The zero scale on the rail aligns with the centerline of ear bars.
  • Scale range of the rail - ±100mm with 1mm resolution.
  • A/P adjustment range for the adaptor - 43.5mm.
  • Dorsal / Ventral adjustment range for adaptor - 30mm (-20mm ~+10mm ) with 0.1mm resolution.
  • Dual Manip model available.

This stereotaxic instrument is designed to use an adapter block to replace the traditional U-frame assembly, and it satisfies the requirement of holding the mouse or neonatal rat firmly without the use of a traditional U-frame assembly. This instrument provides easy access to the animal and offers an open working area for additional surgical instruments.

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