Oxygen Concentrator for Anesthesia

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  • For use with EZ-Anesthesia
  • Eliminates the need for oxygen tanks or an in-house oxygen source.
  • Extracts nitrogen from room air and outputs oxygen at 90% minimum purity
  • Saves money in oxygen costs
  • Eliminates labor costs and the inconvenience of tank changes
  • Proven reliability with thousands in use around the world
  • Quiet operation at 49dB sound level
  • Easy portability with rollerbase design
  • Maximum output flow rate of up to 8LPM and fixed pressure of 20 psi
  • Weight is manageable at 54 lbs.
  • Able to supply oxygen to multiple systems simultaneously
  • Well-suited for use in barrier facilities 
  • Oxygen Regulators - (preset at 50 psi)
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