Rat Stereotaxic Breather

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  • For use with EZ Anesthesia Systems
  • Specifically designed for use with rats
  • Precise stabilization of head position
  • Adjustable nose bridge, lower jaw support and ear bar
  • Vertical and angular adjustments

Also available as a stand-alone breather for non-stereotaxic work with optional EZ-107X Breather Stand (Shown in the image above)

  • Efficiently delivers anesthetic gas to the animal during procedure
  • Animals can be safely anesthetized for up to 12 hours in a level plane of anesthesia 
  • All breathing devices incorporate a patented valve that mitigates the gas flow to the nosecone
  • Input tube delivers anesthetizing gas to the animals and an exhaust tube directs the flow of unused gas to a charcoal filter

EZ-103A Breather Includes:
EZ-251 Tabletop Filter Stand
Plastic Surgery Beds (2)

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