Glass and Holders

Glass and Holders

Whether you are making your own electrodes or using ours, we have a variety of microelectrode holders, along with a variety of accessories for filling glass micropipettes. We even have optical quality glass bottom dishes for delicate cell work under a microscope.

WPI’s microelectrode holder-half-cells couple fluid-filled glass micropipettes to high input impedance amplifiers. A Ag/AgCl pellet (or a silver wire) molded into the holder body provides stable potential. Electrical connection is made via male 2mm pins or female 2mm sockets. The pipette may be mounted axially or at right angles to the holder. Pipettes are held with screw-caps or rubber gaskets (without caps). Filling WPI microelectrode holders with electrolytes containing chloride results in stable electrode potential. Suitable electrolytes include KCl, NaCl andCaCl2. Holders are supplied for standard WPI single glass capillary tubing of 1.0, 1.2, 1.5 and 2.0mm outside diameters. (Call WPI regarding custom designs for other glass diameters.) The holder style you select will depend on your experimental application, space, and instrumentation.

More Information

For tips on selecting and using our micropipette holders, see Micropipette Holders and Half Cells.

  1. Ag-AgCl Half-Cells
    Surface electrodes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They include silver-silver chloride pellets. We also have dry reference electrodes.
  2. Cell Cultures Dishes
    WPI's optical quality glass bottom FluoroDish Cell Culture dishes offer better imaging quality. There are several varieties that let life science researchers work with small sample volumes. This is necessary when researchers are working with expensive chemicals or experimental drugs. They are designed with the lowest access angle for easier insertion of a micropipette during cellular microinjection. They are perfect for live cell imaging and embryo research. Cited in hundreds of reference articles, our optical grade, glass bottom dishes are unique in the marketplace and conform to strict quality control standards.
  3. Glass Accessories
    We offer a variety of accessories for our line of capillary glass, micropipettes and micropipette holders. 
  4. Glass Capillaries
    WPI offers a wide spectrum of high-quality glass capillaries. We take pride in our abil­i­ty to ship your glass order within 48 hours. If you need a special glass that does not ap­pear on our website, please call us. We will make every effort to provide it for you.
  5. Microelectrode Holders
    Couple fluid filled glass micropipettes to high input impedance amplifiers We offer a large variety of micropipette holders. Our popular ones are stock items. Custom holders can be manufactured on demand, but may require an additional setup fee. Please call for quotes on custom micropipette holders. We also offer tips on selecting micropipette holders and half cells.   Connector pin, jack, luer ports, Ag/AgCl half-cells, wire selections available Optional handles (for some varieties) allow for easy manipulation. Handles are sold separately. Screw cap for tight fitting of glass electrode to avoid drifting of electrode 
  6. MicroFil
    Fill your micropipettes easily without bubbles. Learn how here.
  7. Pre-Pulled Micropipettes
    Now, you can eliminate the cost and trouble of making your own micropipettes. WPI can quickly supply your need for consistently sized pre-pulled glass micropipettes for injection of dyes or proteins into cells, oocytes and for many other biomedical laboratory applications. Tip diameters (ID) range from 0.1 to to 10µm. Silanized Tips (Luer Shank) Silanization waterproofs the glass to retard water when inserting into a cell. This will not let the outside fluid run down the pipette and get easily inside.
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