Extra Ussing Current Electrode

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  • Ussing chamber current electrode
  • Red tip
  • 2 mm Pin
  • Works with most voltage/current clamps
  • Package of 1

Current (red) and voltage (black) elec­trodes are thread­ed and screw securely into the end of each Luer tipped car­tridge. The Luer tip then plugs securely into the Luer open­ings of the cham­ber. The ca­ble from each elec­trode ter­mi­nates with a 2 mm pin which may be plugged into most voltage/current clamps.

The miniature electrode-gel cartridge is a small plastic tube with a male Luer tip identical to those at the tip of hy­po­der­mic syringes. The tube may be filled with different gel ma­te­ri­als. Agar is com­mon­ly used, but other gel ma­te­ri­als may also be sat­is­fac­to­ry.

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