Enzol Enzymatic Detergent, 1 Gallon

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  • 1 gallon size

ENZOL Detergent is a mild pH enzyme-based, presoak-plus-cleaner for removing tough, dried-on or hard-to-reach organic matter from instruments before they are disinfected in CIDEX Solution. The proteolytic enzymes break down organic matter in one easy step. Enzol is fast--results begin in one minute. Preteolytic enzymes penetrate and break down protein, reducing the need for mechanical cleaning.

  • Effective at room temperature (no need for hot water).
  • Safe for instruments, including delecate endoscopes
  • Mild pH reduces likelihood of corrosion.
  • Easy to rinse, so it won't clog scopes or leave a residue on instruments.
  • Low foaming, making it effective for use in automated equipment.
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