FrameWorks V-Base Kit - Large

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Kit includes the following:

(1) 14073-4 - Open-sided Frame Clamp (pkg of 4)
(1) 503041 - Large Clamp with Rod (157mm), opens to 85mm
(1) 503076 - Polished Stainless Steel Post, 12mm OD, 75cm long, M8 thread
(1) 503085 - Large V-Base with M8 thread mount

These high quality bases are made of stainless steel and polymer that resists organic solvents and corrosion. They can be easily assembled to make a stand-alone setup for student laboratory equipment or to make a complicated frame for research labs. Use these components to custom build your own stands for laboratory glassware, manipulator stands or any other laboratory application you can envision.

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